My Experience in Quarantine


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Over the last few months my experience in the this quarantine really have been uneventful. Of course, all of our lives have been changed and our routines have been abruptly interrupted. However, in the grand scheme I have only had to make a handful of adjustments.

As a commuter to Virginia Tech, the transition to online classes has actually saved me a lot of time and money not having to drive to campus most days of the week. Additionally, I was lucky to have amazing professors that transitioned flawlessly to the online platform. Much of the content covered in class was already accessible online and so basically zoom lectures were the only major change. Being a graduate student, I don’t have much free time and so not much in my personal life changed since most of my time is spent on school work. This is the case even with many businesses and all the restaurants being closed. While the grocery bill did increase it actually has been a nice change to eat all meals at home instead of on the run.

On the few occasions that I left my house, it was interesting to see the social distancing rules being implemented. On one occasion, I was actually confronted by a customer because I did not realize store aisles were one-directional. Other than this, I have been able to get what I need and continue on.

In terms of the virus itself, I actually have a theory. I contracted a mysterious virus in February that tested negative for the Flu and Strep. While the Coronavirus was prevalent in China and other countries, testing and recorded cases in the U.S. had not begun. I actually think that I and many others may have had Covid-19 before it was confirmed. An article I found, does speak of this possibility. However, we probably will never know the true extent this virus has spread. In any case, even at that time I isolated myself and none of my family or friends have contracted anything then or since. Many have not been as fortunate as I have in terms of the quarantine, and I hope for everyone’s sake the quarantine and spread of the virus is soon over.

I wish safety and health on everyone and please feel free to comment experiences you have had during these trying times!

Josh Beverly
Josh Beverly
Data Scientist and Adjunct Professor of Economics

My research interests include labor economics, rural and regional economics, time series analysis and applied econometrics.